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  Zhejiang Xinchang Blue-sky Precision Casting Co, Ltd. Is a company which produces stainless steel and low-alloy steel precision casting parts. We have ARL directly reading equipment of spectrum analysis and high-pressure & mid-pressure wax-injecting machines which are imported from abroad. We have advanced finish nachining equipment. We have strict rules for testing quality solid technical force. We produce 316,304,WCB,and 20CrMo steel products, using full silica gel .We produce variety kinds of steel products, including pipes, valves, sewing-machine part, spinning wheel parts, hardware tools, car parts, sports apparatus ,craft productand so on.TWith the strict quality control system, strong technique strength, produce the precise piece of the high quality,high personal status.

   "yingzhou is a fairyland, which is really difficult to get there ."These two verses are from the most famous poet Libai poem, who was from Tang Dynasty. The faraway place is the tianmu Mountain which is located in our xinchang city, It's a very beautiful place. Our company is just located at the foot of the Tianmu Mountains. It's 130km from Xiaoshan Airport and 90km from Ningbo Airport .We have transport facilities, because the express high ways go directly to xinchang city.

  We warmly welcome friends both at home and abroad to come and visit us and hold trade talks.